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Arroyo Claro Season 2010

September 30th, 2010


A new season is about to start and with a good snow pack up on the range across the valley there will be enough waters thoughout the summer, with low temperatures that will show us good fishing.

Let me tell you about the trips we had from Arroyo Claro to Chile,Lago Yelcho and to Rio Pico Argentina.

After fishing from our lodge for six days we offer our guests to pack for a five day trip to Lago yelcho in Chile and Lago Tres and Rio Pico in Argentina.


We leave early for a four hour trip across the Andes to reach a well-protected bay on Lago Yelcho where we fish dragon fly patterns form our boats, after fishing all afternoon a short drive will take us to a very nice and comfortable lodge on the banks of the lake

Next morning the fishing will be right there,the majestic Rio Yelcho,fishing very small dries,like black gnats and blue duns  after fishing we will spend the night at the same lodge and the following morning drive to Palena fishing Rio Palena overnight at our cabin right by the river.

Fourth day drive back to Argentina and Rio Pico fishing Lago Tres for two days and after fishing the fifth day drive back on  paved highway 40 to Arroyo Claro.   


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